Unbleached Organic Cotton Muslin

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  • Organic Unbleached Muslin/Calico
  • Unbleached Organic Cotton Muslin
  • Unbleached Organic Cotton Muslin
Dhs. 36.50 / meter

100% Cotton.  Width 112cm.

Breathable, durable, natural.   Our soft, dry and robust Organic Cotton Muslin is perfect for so many uses, and we sure use a lot of it here at Fabric and more!

Whether you are making a dress toile for a perfect fit prior to sewing with your final fabric, a baby swaddle that will endure countless washes or a craft project for school, our unbleached cotton muslin is a workhorse fabric of superior quality that every home needs.

The mediumweight Cotton Muslin (also referred to as Calico) has an open weave, which makes it breathable but also translucent.  However the open weave makes it useful as a filter for cookery, beekeeping, coffee making and lots more!