Lightweight Matt Lycra

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  • Lightweight Matt Lycra inspiration

90% Polyester, 10% Spandex.  Width 160cm

A fantastically velvety smooth, water-repellent matt fabric of the highest quality.  Fabric and more are proud to be able to help you get the best fit from your swimwear, activewear or even a silky smooth evening gown.   This spadex lycra is lightweight and can stretch up to double it's size and snap back again easily, time and time again.   It will need lining or double layering to give more structure, although it is not transparent.

Don't settle for expensive swimsuit brands that don't flatter your figure - get one made or do it yourself with our easy instructions and inspiration.   Also search our "patterns" for a versatile beginners swimwear pattern.

After a heavier lycra fabric?  Try our Poseidon Lycra.