Double Sided Fusible Interfacing - Light Weight

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  • Double sided fusible interfacing
  • Double Sided Fusible Interfacing - Light Weight
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100% Polyester.  Width 120cm.

Fabric and more's favourite double sided fusible web, bonds fabric temporarily, or permanently by ironing. It adds a little body and strength yet remains pliable. Raw edges will not fray, and it eliminates the need for sewing.

What could be better or easier for elaborate appliqué? Or quick projects like customized napkins, place mats, tote bags, etc. For those who don't sew, (or don't want to) it will also hem your jeans, slacks or drapery with just an iron.  

Have fun with lots of decorative patches, use it to temporarily bond fabric to paper to go through a printer, it even works on other materials like ribbon and lace.

Always choose interfacing of the same weight or lighter than your fabric, iron at 140C for 10-15 seconds with a damp pressing cloth over your interfacing to protect your iron!

To learn how to apply interfacings and when to use them, enroll in our online class Underneath it All.