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100% Cotton with water-based Urethane Coating.  Width 150cm.

Is this Oilcloth?   Yes and no.  It's Fabric and more's modern, eco-friendly version!  We love the memory of Grandma's wipedown tablecloth and have all seen gorgeous tote bags and the like, so why not make your own?

The waterproof protective layer is rolled out in the factory and heat-set to the cotton, using no nasty chemicals like traditional PVC.  It's creamy, durable, soft, yummy.  It will eventually biodegrade, but not until you are well done using it, and is food-safe and family friendly.

Our low-maintenance tablecloths are long-life and only require a quick wipe of a damp cloth to keep them looking neat and clean.  You can iron it on the cotton side, but you don't have to.  Most wrinkles relax out.