So unless you have been hiding under a rock or spent your Summer on the plains of Zimbabwe with no wifi, you will have heard that the launch of Dubai Opera is this Wednesday evening and is boasting Placido Domingo (one of "the three tenors" and the last living "top 10 tenors of all time") on his final tour.      

OF COURSE we had to go.   Not really sure if it's to hear Domingo's creamy voice belt out Nessun Dorma (*sniff sniff*) or just to be part of what is sure to be one of Dubai's iconic opening nights.

In any case, after quickly snapping up tickets before they sold out in the first day, the next question quickly became "What on earth will we wear?".    

This IS Dubai, so we know whatever is decided, it will be significantly dressier than just about anywhere else in the world, and it is an opening, which means another "check" for "Dressy".   

But while guys get it easy and only really have to choose between "tux" or "suit and tie", us ladies have various categories of dressy.   Day-time dressy, party dressy, cocktail dressy, formal dressy and the list goes on.

And just to add to the confusion, the dress code at opera is generally directly related to the seats you have.  While it is commonplace to find tuxedos and evening gowns near the orchestra, semi-formal attire is more acceptable in the stalls.    Suffice it to say, shorts and Birkenstocks are not suitable in any part of the theater, in any opera around the world, no matter what your boyfriend is insisting.

Keep in mind that you will need to be comfortable as you are sitting through quite a long performance, so take along a (faux) fur wrap and heels that you can discreetly kick off in the dark.

Pretty Woman opera dress

After much debate around our studio, we have decided that:

  1. It is always better to be overdressed than underdressed
  2. Bridesmaid/School Prom flounces are to be strictly avoided
  3. Below the knee is compulsory
  4. Long flowing lines should form the basic silhouette
  5. Leave Julia Roberts' gloves in the back of your cupboard, but otherwise follow her lead

That at least should help our Fabric lovers sort out the "possible" from the "not possible" when shuffling through the wardrobe on Wednesday evening.   And don't forget to book the hairdresser - a home job is just not going to cut it for this one!

Get glam and enjoy the excuse to dress up.  See you there!