It's Fall in Dubai and although it doesn't much feel like Winter is on the way just yet, we thought we'd get you in the mood by sharing our favourite Halloween Craft Project for you to try at home!   


Halloween Throw Pillows

Halloween Throw Pillows - a simple way to get your house in the mood. 

1. Cut 3 pieces of fabric in your base colour cotton.   We made 40cm square pillows so we cut one 40 x 40 cm and two 40 x 28cm pieces (for the back opening - no zippers here thank you!)

2. Decorate the bigger single piece with cutouts in a contrasting coloured cotton.  We used double-sided interfacing to iron the pieces onto the front of the cushion. Easy peasy!  You can sew around the outside of the facial pieces too if you prefer the look.

3. Hem one long edge of the final two pieces of fabric.  You can hem by simply folding over twice and sew down the length like this:

Halloween Throw Pillow hem

4. Finally, put the two back pieces right side down on top of the pillow front matching all the outer edges.  The two back pieces will overlap - this is where you will insert your pillow.  

Halloween Throw Pillow back

5. With the "right sides" of all pieces facing inward, sew around the border of your pillow.  It's a good idea to overlock or zigzag around the outside edge to prevent fraying, like this:

Overlock the edges to prevent fraying

6. Insert your foam pillow filling and then scatter throughout the house!   A good test is always to see what the kids think!

Halloween Throw Pillow success


With just 60cm piece of craft cotton and a few scraps, brighten up your home and get everyone in the mood for the fabulous cooler weather ahead.   

How do you prepare for Fall - do you celebrate the coming of Winter?