Whether you are in need of a change of scenery or you don’t have your own sewing machine at home, these amazing cafés are the perfect solution! What sets them apart from the rest? They double as sewing studios! The concept is similar to that of a cyber cafe, but rather than having computers, visitors can enjoy a cup of coffee and a piece of cake while renting a sewing machine by the hour. Let’s take a tour around the world to some of the hottest sewing café’s out there.

KINKIBOX, Berlin *Friedrichsain, Germany

1-Berlin Kinkibox

Kinkibox is a cute, hipster, vintage workshop where you can use the sewing machines to work on your personal projects while enjoying a cookie and a hot cup of tea! They also offer a few sewing courses for beginners!

PAPIOTA CAFE, Bucharest, Romania

2-Bucharest Papiota Cafe

Papiota (meaning spool in Romanian) is a huge coffee shop cum bar that combines a creative environment with amazing food and good music for an awesome place to get your work done! During the week the place is perfect for chilling with friends at the sewing tables and during the weekend it transforms into a crowed bar with a DJ. The décor is inspired by the industrial Soviet Union with steel shelving, industrial lighting, racks of yarn spools, old sewing machines and awesome tables made from old ironing boards. This place is definitely a trendy spot to check out!

MAKE WORKSHOP, New-York, United States

4-New york Make

Make Workshop based in New-York city since 2002 gives a 2 hour sewing machine intro for every hungry beginner who wants to learn how to sew. For the most curious and creative, they offer a bunch of amazing courses such as shoemaking, soap making, knitting, crocheting, screen printing, upholstering, and more….

THE MAKE DEN, Toronto, Canada

5-Toronto The make den

People working at The Make Den will provide you with some serious sewing skills and amazing support. There are so many interesting workshops available, from quilting classes to making laptop cases and bowties. You can visit their page for more info!

We could have gone on and on, but I resisted so here is a brief list of other interesting sewing workshops around the world:

The Sewing Cafe in Leicestershire, UK

– The Thread Den in Melbourne, AUS

– The Sew FYI creative studio in California USA

Sewing Cafe Luna in Tokyo, JAPAN

Happy sewing! We want to hear from you! Do you think Fabric and more should get going on a Sewing Cafe of it's own?