So I was recently was sitting in my tween daughter's bedroom and happened to trail my finger over my old lampshade cover during the daily homework fight. First problem? The lampshade was seriously dusty.   Second problem? Seriously old. I wasn’t exactly enthused at the idea of spending time in various homestores trying to find one that she liked and that would perfectly fit. But then…a stroke of genius! She could simply cover her lampshade with some beautiful fabric!  Fabulous Summer activity!

I have SO many fabrics that I have always wanted to use for homewear but she finally chose a Morocco Blues because of the content (97% cotton, 3 % spandex) and because my daughter is into monochromes. You definitely want a fabric that has a little bit of stretch but that isn’t too stretchy. I made sure to select a woven (that is, not a knit or t-shirt fabric) which wasn’t see through as the old lampshade had a little ugly pattern all of its own.

So choose your fabric (this is probably the hardest part) and let’s get crafting!



  • Spray or PVA glue (found at Craftbox here)
  • Bull clips
  • Scissors
  • A lamp in need of some love


Lampshade fabric cover steps 123



1. Choose a fabric and cut it large enough so that it covers the surface area of your lamp.

2. Wrap your fabric around the lap and secure it in place with clips. Do this carefully to ensure that the fabric will fall flat, avoiding creases and bubbles.

3. Cut the excess as precisely as possible.


4. You will want to spray section by section; uncover your first section and hold the spray fixative about 30 cm away from the surface and lightly spray.

5. Immediately smooth your fabric over the sprayed area. Try not to touch the spray- this stuff is sticky!   Kids can have more fun safely with PVA glue.

6. Repeat steps 4 and 5 until the lampshade is completely covered. Pull the excess at the top upwards to form a cone.

7. Cut the excess off, leaving about 2cm of overspill.

8. Spray the inside of the 2cm excess overspill fabric and fold it neatly over the top of your lampshade. Secure with clips and allow it to set for several hours.

**Please note that the spray fixative can is flammable, and should never be used in the vicinity of heat or open flames.

You may opt to trim your lampshade with ribbon of your choosing, or add any embellishments desired.   Some little pop-pom trim would have been my idea - but Miss Prim thought I was being a dork!