When you hear the words ‘Rock Legend’ only a few people come to mind, and David Bowie (aka Ziggy Stardust, Aladdin Sane and Thin White Duke amongst others) is one of them.   Not only that but combined with his unique fashion sense, we couldn't help but dedicate a blog post to this talented man after his death was sadly announced yesterday after a long battle with cancer.


Born David Jones in England 1947, he released his final album "Blackstar" only last Friday - his 69th birthday - to amazing reviews.   During his 40+ year career he worked with many other artists including Iggy Pop, Queen, Mick Jagger, Tina Turner and more.

The influential singer-songwriter and producer excelled at glam rock, art rock, soul, hard rock, dance pop, punk and electronica and is most known for songs such as "Life on Mars", "Heros", "China Girl", "Suffragette City" and our favourite "Fashion" released in 1980.

Here are some of our choices for his best looks.   Rest in peace David Bowie.

David Bowie as alter ego Ziggy Stardust, wearing Kansai Yamamoto designs circa 1973.

David Bowie as alter ego Thin White Duke, circa 1976


David Bowie leaves behind wife Iman and children Alexandria and Duncan Jones.

Tip: Make sure you watch the fantasy movie "Labyrinth" made in 1986 with your kids (over 8 years) as a great tribute to this unusual man and his music.