A couple of weeks ago, when we saw the amazing Adele performing songs from her new album 25 on Saturday Night Live, we remember that suede is a hot item this season!

How could we have forgotten?!

Adele SNL

Credit: mightyfinelife/tumblr

Suede garments are also perfect for the A/W season, so we’re taking the opportunity to talk about one of our new arrivals: Soho Suede (style 26690)!

It comes in 23 great colours, including a gorgeous royal blue and a beautiful kiwi (hello New Zealand followers!) and it’s 100% polyester (why not save some animals while we’re at it).


Credits: Fabric and more

What we love best about wearing suede is the weight of it, how it adds a rigidity and perfect finish to clothes. And let’s face it, high waisted suede skirts look good on everybody! Right?

We’ve seen suede everywhere this season, from Burberry and Coach to Zara and Topshop. There’s no reason to miss out if you’re a suede aficionado!

Have you been wearing suede since this fall? Let us know!